Influencer marketing is increasingly earning more fans and for a good reason. People trust other people’s recommendations and rely on them before making purchases. Various polls conducted in recent years have shown that consumers trust and value other people’s recommendations and influencers do exactly this.

Many startups tap into the power of influencer marketing to get the word out and connect to a wider audience. Especially if you have launched a mobile application, teaming up with known influencers can work wonders. It is one of the best solutions for how to get users to use your apps. If you are still not convinced, here are reasons why startups should work with influencers to grow their app user base.  

Influencers lend you credibility

The great thing about influencer marketing is that it lends credibility to your app and your brand. Influencers have worked for a long time to amass a huge following by building a relationship with their followers based on trust. So, when an influencer endorses any product or service, their followers are confident that it is something that will add value to their lives. In other words, your startup gains credibility too.

You can reach your targeted audience easily

Influencers have a niche following, meaning that people interested in certain topics and sectors tend to follow influencers who have branded themselves as influencers in that sector. For this reason, it becomes much easier for you to reach a targeted and relevant audience with your app. Whatever your app may be about or what it can do, working with the right influencers will gain its exposure to the right audience.

Influencers help to increase brand awareness

Another reason why influencer marketing is such a great answer to how to get users to use your apps is that it increases brand awareness. Not only does it help your startup in gaining more app users, but it also exposes your brand to a wide audience. Influencers have tens of thousands or even millions of followers who are ready to trust their recommendations and endorsements, making it easy for you to increase brand awareness.

Today, influencers are available on platforms that modern consumers spend a huge chunk of their time on. These may include Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Since people already spend so much time on these platforms, engagement rate tends to be high too.