Gladly Inc. is a startup that is well on its way to reinventing how companies run their customer services. The company has created a platform that is centered around customers, not case or ticket numbers. Founded in the Bay Area in 2015, the company now includes JetBlue as one of its big-name clients, and has been listed as one of the potential big breakouts from Silicon Valley for 2019.

A total $118 million invested

The company has recently secured a further $50 million investment bringing the total funding raised by the startup to $118 million. The company now counts brands including JetBlue, Godiva, and TUMI and are overhauling customer experiences by bringing customer services into the 21st century. Gladly’s service is live 24/7 and operates in a way to cater to the everything-now generation. “We started Gladly with the goal of reinventing customer service; to put people back at the center of it all, and to enable companies to have empathetic, natural, productive conversations however their customers choose to engage,” Joseph Ansanelli, CEO of Gladly, tells BusinessWire. “We are honored to be helping amazing brands such as JetBlue, Godiva, and TUMI in their journeys towards delivering customer-centric service that drives revenue, lowers costs, and meets customers where they are.”

Winner of the RTech CEO Forum Innovation Award

Gladly recently won the award that forms part of a program designed to connect cutting edge companies with retail giants. The CEOs of some of the largest global retailers including Target, Home Depot, and Ulta chose Gladly as the winner due to the innovative approach to customer care their products offer. Gladly’s Series D investment reflects the growing demand to bring the focus of services back to a customer-centric model and sheds light on the need for companies’ need to have a more modern approach to an old problem. Companies are starting to work on customer experiences that enable them to build personal relationships that span the lifetime of a transaction - but also beyond. In addition to adding big names Future Fund and Glynn Capital as investors in this round, Gladly’s latest round of fundraising has seen past investors increase their contributions. Their investors are behind some of the other most disruptive startups including Facebook, Workday and, AirBnB.

Source: Businesswire