The rise of financial technology has opened the floodgates for a new genre of apps, websites, and services all of which are designed to help consumers manage their money in a way that it better adapted to their 21st century lifestyles. The industry has already produced a massive number of startups who have cumulatively raised an estimated $18 billion since 2015 according to PitchBook. Here are three of the startups in the sector that have received the most investment to date.

1. Stripe

Stripe has been valued at $9.2 billion during its latest round of funding in 2016. The company raised a further $150 million during that round bringing the total raised by the company since it was founded in 2010 to $440 million. Stripe has developed a payment processing system that allows businesses of any size to accept payments made by credit card, Apple Pay and other forms of digital payment. The company’s systems are used by major players including Amazon, Salesforce, and Lyft. Whilst the company still faces some competition from PayPal and Braintree, their platform has become the go-to for processing online payments around the world.

2. SoFi

Valued at $4.4 billion during its most recent round of funding which brought in $500 million of investment in February 2017, SoFi has raised over $2 billion in capital including a $1 billion round that was led by SoftBank back in 2015. The online lender that focuses on refinancing low-risk student loans and mortgages. It has made an impact on the financial sector as one of the first alternatives to traditional forms of banking that has gone mainstream. Whilst the company faced some turmoil following claims made against co-founder and CEO of the company, but the storm appears to have past since he stepped down in September 2018.

3. Credit Karma

Having been given an estimated valuation of $3.5 billion during a $175 million funding round in 2015, the personal finance company is taking over the digital monitoring space. The company produces credit scores and credit reports in the digital credit space and has been able to capitalize on the reported large scale data breaches at Equifax. The breaches left Equifax customers uncertain about trusting them with such sensitive data and many shifted over to Credit Karma as a result. The company has raised a total of $368 million to date.