Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites are full of amazing, quirky, and crazy gadgets that have been designed by startups and that are in need of funding to be produced and distributed. Here are three of the current projects that are searching for backing.

Arlo home security

Arlo is launching the Arlo Home Security system that allows users to sync their Arlo devices to come together as a complete home protection system. Arlo has been innovating within the home security space for some time but they will be entering a competitive market against long-established household names. Arlo Home Security will allow for Arlo clients to streamline how they use their devices and will allow for new clients to create a home security system that is completely personalized to their needs.


Aidlab is a wearable chest strap that users will be able to wear 24/7. The device will feed back data to a range of apps on their smartphone. The device is able to measure specific exercises including push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. The Polish startup is also running courses for companies to learn how to use health data to improve their products. Demand for health data is growing and broad range of data that is collected by the device can allow wearers to receive more personalized services from the companies they follow.


Suvie Gourmet Kitchen Robot is a new gadget that allows people to automate the process of cooking gourmet food at home. The cooker is a multi-zone device that combines cooker and refrigerator that turns ingredients into restaurant-quality meals using WiFi connectivity. The robot can sous-vide, steam, and boil ingredients and will start cooking at the right time so that your meal is ready for the time you will need it. It is being hailed as a revolutionary kitchen gadget for young parents and working professionals, taking the stress out of cooking healthy meals.

Squegg - the first smart squeeze ball

The Squegg is a compact device that can be used as an exercise tool, grip trainer and is connected to a mobile app. It has been designed to be used daily to fight stress and to measure your grip. The company was set up by Roshy and Saket who are business school colleagues. They teamed up and founded the US-based company in 2017. The gadget allows friends to compete with each other in a multiplayer mode too.